• Small Batch CBD

    Poplar Creek Farms hemp-derived, small batch CBD, is hand grown and fully tested to ensure the highest quality product.

  • Niche CBD Varieties

    Poplar Creek Farms listens to our buyers to ensure premium quality products and experiences.

  • Cannabis Industry

    The CBD industry grows each day. Today, you can find CBD & hemp not only in your edibles, but in your beauty products as well.

    Better Lives Through Better Agriculture​

    Farmers have been growing cannabis for centuries, and there are many methods of growing hemp. We use all-natural practices that ensure our hemp is clean of pesticides, molds, mildew, and bugs. The best part is that we back this up with full-panel testing that ensures each harvest is clear of heavy metals and pesticides, as well as microbials. These tests also ensure that you know exactly how much CBD is in your package. Each variety includes the test results showing the percent CBD, and mg/g.

    We want to improve your lives, and we do this by ensuring our practices give you clean and potent hemp that you can trust.


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    Our CBD Journey

    Poplar Creek Farms started as a small hemp grower in 2019, and has expanded to hire experienced employees from California and Oregon to ensure that our products are second to none in the North Carolina Hemp Industry. We are family owned and operated, making our small-batch products to improve our customer’s lives.

    Quality Herb

    100% pure Raw Flower that is full-panel tested.

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    Trusted Products

    We test each and every harvest to be sure that our products are clean and safe.

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    Fast Shipping

    We process orders for shipment within 24 hours, and often much faster.

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    High Potency

    Our varieties produce some of the best CBD to THC ratios in the industry.

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