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A reflection on the past year – by Grayson Cash – Founder of Poplar Creek Farms

A reflection on the past year – by Grayson Cash – Founder of Poplar Creek Farms

As we enter the time of reflection on the year, looking back to see how things have progressed, and to really think about what we have accomplished is an important thing to do. It was a little over a year ago, in the fall of 2018, when I decided to press ahead with the hemp farm. At the time, it didn’t have a name. Our land didn’t have a road that a delivery truck could traverse. Our fields hadn’t been plowed in years. The barn had been designed, but not yet built. The whole thing was just a concept. A dream, and more than that, a dream that I wasn’t sure how to accomplish. But, like anything in life, you take small steps. You lean forward. You learn. And piece by piece, step by step, something bigger than yourself emerges, and takes a life of its own.

There are a few people that, without which, we probably wouldn’t be where we are. Thomas Oravec of Old Country Hemp Co https://www.oldcountryhempco.com was there from the very beginning when I knew absolutely nothing about the regulatory hurdles. His help was instrumental in us gaining our license.

Although he probably doesn’t remember it, Brook Sheffield of Lotus Urban Farm and Garden Supply https://www.lotusfarmandgarden.com gave me some great advice at a hemp event near Raleigh, NC in March, and he got us into the Carolina Hemp Growers site. That site has been immensely helpful, and his store has provided quite a bit of our supplies and advice.

Jeff Bruce has been an amazing advisor, consultant, and friend. His involvement has been truly amazing, and we certainly would not be progressing were it not for him. Thank you sir.

Last but not least, my partners in this endeavor, who also happen to be my family. Without their support, gut checks, encouragement, and yes, even help, we would not be as well-rounded. We are set, in my opinion, to become one of the best “small” CBD operations in North Carolina. We will never be the biggest, but honestly, that isn’t our mission or our goal. We strive to improve the lives of everyone around us, and to improve the quality of life for our customers. We can’t do that by being an impersonal large operation.

So thank you to all, and let’s make 2020 the year that we come into our own.

Poplar Creek Farms – Better Lives Through Better Agriculture

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Poplar Creek Farms

Poplar Creek Farms

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