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CBG? CBN? What’s that?

CBG? CBN? What’s that?

Although many people use CBD, most people are just learning about the fact that there are numerous other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Most everyone knows about THC, the high-producing cannabinoid that is produced in states with recreational and medical marijuana laws. And people have been learning more and more about CBD as the market explodes throughout the country. But have you ever heard of CBG? What about CBN?

Not a lot is known about these other cannabinoids, mostly due to the federal prohibition on research that has hampered the industry for decades. Below is a poster from AZ Med Testing that can provide a little more information, and also, I’ve posted an article below for reading. We avoid making any medical claims about hemp, due to FDA regulations. Instead, we simply provide information, and let people decide for themselves.

We are educating ourselves at Poplar Creek Farms about the CBG genetics that are out there, and may produce limited quantities in 2020. Check back to see what we are able to find out.




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Poplar Creek Farms

Poplar Creek Farms

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