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Shipping Hemp – Article by NC State University

Shipping Hemp – Article by NC State University

One of our big concerns when we finally had some products to ship was how to ship them. I remember walking in to the post office in Columbus, North Carolina and being absolutely convinced that at the very least, I was going to get some hassle from the post office clerks. I had packed some CBD pre-rolls into our glass test tube packaging, which were then packed inside ziplock bags, which were inside ziplock containers. I was being cautious! Imagine my shock when the post office clerk said, “Oh this is hemp? I’m surprised! The farm that shipped hemp yesterday smelled up the whole room, and I can’t smell yours at all.” I was relieved, and thrilled that I wasn’t going to take any rides in the back of a patrol car that day.

I’ve done more research since then, and it is very clear that United States Postal Service is the way to go, mostly because they are a government agency. Government agencies are bound by the 4th amendment guarantees against unreasonable search and seizure. Since hemp is now legal, the smell of it alone is no longer probable cause to search your shipments. This means that when your package goes through the system, and someone smells “marijuana,” that smell alone isn’t reason for them to delay or seize your shipment. If there are other suspicious things about your package, that could get them the probable cause needed, so there is reason to be very clear on the policies and best practices involved.

Unfortunately, the 4th amendment protections do not apply to private shippers (UPS/FedEx) because they are free to make whatever policies they like. There are numerous examples of shipments being delayed or seized industry wide by companies like FedEx. The article below explains all of this very well, and gives some helpful tips to hemp businesses that ship products. Enjoy!

How (And How Not) to Ship Hemp by Jeanine Davis

Please note, this is in no way legal advice, and I am not an attorney. No one at Poplar Creek Farms is an attorney.

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