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Numerous Senators Write to USDA Urging Revision to Regulation

Numerous Senators Write to USDA Urging Revision to Regulation

With the new USDA regulations in the public comment phase, the entire hemp industry has been reaching out to the USDA, arguing that the THC limits and the testing rules themselves are too restrictive. This past week, several senators added their voices, agreeing with the farmers that changes need to occur.

The new regulations, as currently written, will categorize a farm as “negligent” if their samples measure greater than .5% THC. Given that the total THC content can vary significantly based on factors that are out of the farmer’s control, many in the industry have called for this limit to be raised. In addition to the THC limits, the rules require the tests to be done 2 weeks before harvest, and also limit the labs that can perform the tests to DEA certified labs. This all will create a major bottleneck in the testing/harvest phase of growing.

Although USDA regulation is needed, these rules will create significant challenges for the industry if they remain as written. See the article below for more information:

Warner, Kaine urge changes to USDA industrial hemp production program



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