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The importance of doing your homework

The importance of doing your homework

The new year is about to begin, so it’s a good time to start thinking about the 2020 grow season. At Poplar Creek Farms, we are ramping up for what we expect to be a high demand for clones and seeds. With the number of farms planning to grow large tracts, finding good plants for your operation will be competitive. So with that, we want to address a few things to be looking for as you search for a source for your growing material, and recommend that you find your suppliers early!

  1. Be sure that the clone producers you’re looking at are using sustainable growing practices. It is important to ask questions, and know how they provide nutrients to their plants.

  2. Ask about the infrastructure. Does the farm use a hoop house with open walls that allow pests to come in at will? Do they produce their clones indoors?

  3. Ask about procedures. When farm workers enter a grow room, how do they ensure that they are clean? Is there an order for how they work the operation? For instance, do they go to the greenhouse first, then to the indoor grow? Do they work in an outdoor field then proceed indoors?

  4. Ask about chemicals. What pesticides are in use? Do they use anything for prevention? Are there any regimens in place?

Many times, the decision to purchase clones from a farm comes down to personal relationships. How well do you interact with the farm? Do they appear to be doing things the “right” way? Are they more concerned about money, or with improving and helping the industry grow?

These are just a few things to think about as you move through your search process. As far as our farm is concerned, we welcome the questions above. We feel that although Poplar Creek Farms is new to the hemp world, we have taken the time to start our operation the correct way. Our greenhouse is state-of-the-art, and built with systems in place to prevent pests. Our clone rooms are indoors, and climate controlled. And finally, we are in this to help people, and to improve lives. It is important to us that we provide a consistent, clean, all-natural clone supply to our fellow farmers, and that we make their operations more successful as a result.

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Poplar Creek Farms

Poplar Creek Farms

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