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Cherry Blossom – A Good All-Round Hemp Variety

Cherry Blossom – A Good All-Round Hemp Variety

The first-ever Poplar Creek Farms variety was Therapy. We immediately flowered and harvested it, just to gain some experience with the testing process with the State of NC. But, our first full variety from seed to harvest was Cherry Blossom. Although we have upwards of 14 varieties now, Cherry Blossom is still my personal favorite.

It’s true that my affinity for the variety probably begins sub-consciously with my affinity for actual cherry blossoms. There are few things prettier than a cherry tree in full-bloom. But I have to say, the Cherry Blossom plants from seed were robust. Of the 10 seeds started, 4 were selected to go into the hydroponic system. From those plants, we selected one to go into our research and development room for flowering. The buds were amazing. Towards the end of the bloom the trichomes add a nice frost to the leaves, and it’s just beautiful thing to behold.

Cherry Blossom in Flower

Cherry Blossom in Flower

Perhaps the best part is that all of that beauty is backed up by solid CBD to THC ratios. We achieved 21.52 CBD to THC in our last harvest, meaning it has better ratios than even some of the Oregon CBD varieties that we harvested this Winter.

The greenhouse is currently in flower. In a few weeks we will have nearly all of our varieties available, but we highly recommend trying our Cherry Blossom products. We will be sure to add some pictures as the buds start to mature. Check back with us to see what we have available.



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