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CBD Sales are Booming Despite Pandemic

CBD Sales are Booming Despite Pandemic

The Covid pandemic has disrupted the lives of nearly every single American. Many are out of work, or had temporary setbacks in employment. Even those that kept their jobs still had to make dramatic changes to their work lives, including working from home or keeping their children full-time while they work from home. All of this change has added quite a bit of stress. In a recent article by Caileigh Peterson headlined “CBD sales boom amidst pandemic,” the article describes how with all the uncertainty, many people are turning to CBD to aid with their sleep and reduce stress. Many people swear by the use of hemp products, so it is no surprise that sales increase as the need increases.

Poplar Creek Farms has been growing hemp both indoors and out since April of 2019. Our mission is to improve the lives of anyone that we work with, including customers, business partners, and other farms.
We do this in a number of ways:

  • We grow our hemp using state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the hemp is pest and pathogen free.
  • Our plants are all-natural. While we aren’t “certified organic,” we do use organic materials and growing practices.
  • We test our products for heavy metals, pesticides, microbes, cannabinoid content, and terpenes.
  • Our affiliate program shares in our success with others. We love being able to provide a means of making some extra cash in a time when so many need extra income.
  • We love the land, and we pride ourselves on conservation. Most of our farm is in forest, with lots of wildlife. It’s a safe haven for bears, bobcats, deer, and turkeys.

It’s definitely a tough time for everyone, but if we can work together to spread the word about CBD, hopefully we can reduce some stress of those who need it most.

Better Lives Through Better Agriculture – Poplar Creek Farms


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Poplar Creek Farms

Poplar Creek Farms

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