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Coming Soon! Delta 8 Gummies

Coming Soon! Delta 8 Gummies

We have been making hemp derived Delta 8 gummies for our friends and family for months. They have been received with very enthusiastic reviews, and people have been asking when we will start selling them online. Well, the wait is nearly over! We have designed the packaging, and they are printing now. We hope to have the packaging on-hand in 2 weeks or so, and then we will put them on the website for purchase.

Initially we will be offering two flavors, Strawberry Fields (Strawberry) and Grape Ape (Grape). They are strong, at 40mg. Be sure to start with a half gummy, or even less if you’re not a regular consumer of Delta 8 products. We get our gummies tested for potency on a regular basis, and those test results will be uploaded to our shop for your review. We make them in small batches, so there may be some variability in the concentration batch to batch, but our target is no less than 40mg. In a few additional weeks we plan to add a third flavor, which we will keep a surprise. The artwork is being designed now, and we should have those bags ordered in about a month.

Below is a preview of our packaging. We will offer two package sizes for each flavor. The small one will have 5 gummies for $25 (10 servings – 200mg), and the large one will have 10 gummies for $45 (20 servings – 400mg). Our goal is to offer hand-made small batch quality with competitive pricing. Our potency testing ensures that you’re getting what you pay for. Other retailers mass produce their gummies, and there’s no guarantee that you’re getting what is on the label.

If you just can’t wait the couple of weeks for the bags to get printed, you can do that through a manual transaction by emailing [email protected]. Just understand that the bags will be generic until the official bags get created!


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