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Congress Changes PACT Act to Include all Vape Products (Even Cannabis)

Congress Changes PACT Act to Include all Vape Products (Even Cannabis)

Congress has changed the PACT Act to include all vaping products, including CBD and Delta 8 products, dealing a huge blow to small businesses. As reported in a National Law Review article, the Congress passed an amendment to the PACT Act that will make it illegal to ship vape products and vape accessories of any type via the United States Postal Service. In alignment with this law, UPS and FedEx have indicated that they will match the policy. Additionally, any company that chooses to sell vape products in interstate commerce will be required to register with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Given these changes, we regret to announce that we will cease to offer vape products and vape accessories effective March 28th, 2021. We are a small farm, and like many small companies, we do not have the resources to get private shipping services, or to maintain regulatory compliance in a complicated regulatory environment. While the PACT Act was billed as a means of increasing safety, it is clear that it is the result of lobbying by the tobacco industry. Already cigarette sales have increased as companies begin to scale back vape sales in compliance with the new law. Clearly there are risks with vaping, but smoking cigarettes are not a better option.

Although this is a disappointing new law, we will focus instead on our sales of Delta 8 syringes, edibles, and CBD oils. Between now and March 28, we have several hundred vape pens to sell. Buy them now, because we will not be able to ship them soon! We have our vape products on sale, so check out our online shop.

In happier news, we are bringing on more products over the next few weeks. You will see Delta 8 gummies and syringes appearing, as well as the possibility of Delta 8 chocolates. We have been selling these to our local customers, but it is time to bring the online marketplace a few more options. Our Delta 8 syringes have several added terpene “flavors,” and can be used for vaping, or adding to a bowl of raw hemp flower, or even for making edibles. We have priced ours very competitively, and we feel that our customers will find this new product line every bit as appealing as the vape products.

Delta 8 Dab Syringe

In case you missed it, this article from the NY Times explains why all of the hype about Delta 8 THC is happening. People love this legal alternative of marijuana that is derived from hemp, and for good reason. It has a milder effect that it’s much stronger cousin, Delta 9 THC, and it doesn’t have the negative aspects, such as paranoia and the “couch lock” that sometimes occurs. So check us out, and try our Delta 8 vapes before they go away!

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