THC Test Passed!

Our samples went to the Department of Agriculture a few weeks ago, and the results are in. Our Therapy variety came back at .1% THC, which is well below the regulatory requirement of .3% THC.

We will be harvesting in the next few weeks. Send us a message if you’re interested in one of our pre-roll samples!

Screenshot 2019-09-07 14.03.18.png

Asheville Hemp Fest 2019

Poplar Creek Farms’ founder, Grayson Cash, visited the Asheville Hemp Fest on August 24, 2019. What a fun and lively event! It was great to see all of the successful hemp farms, dispensaries, and supporters all walking around freely discussing their plans and showing off their products.

We are at the very beginning of an amazing time in this industry. By creating products that help people to live pain-free, healthy lives, we are showing North Carolina and the nation that hemp and CBD has a rightful spot in the marketplace. Through responsible production practices, we can ensure that people have safe, clean, and high-quality CBD products. “Better lives, through better agriculture”