Our Greenhouse

Greenhouse and Operation Overview


Our greenhouse isn’t simply a “hoop house” with open sides and open air to the outside. We have a high-tech greenhouse with a bug room, insect screen, light deprivation, and a wet wall for cooling. The air entering the greenhouse is screened for insects, cooled, and only then does it enter the growing area. We take pest and disease prevention seriously, and our greenhouse is a key part of providing clean, all-natural clones and smokable flower.
The source mother plants live in the greenhouse, but the clones themselves are processed and grown indoors in our clone rooms. We use these rooms exclusively for our clone operation, and ensure complete separation of environments to prevent cross-contamination.

Clone Rooms

Hydroponic Mother Room

Some could argue that you won’t amount to much without a good mother. Well, our operation is nothing without our base mother plants, which are grown in our indoor hydroponic grow room. We use these hydro moms to keep our greenhouse filled with healthy soil mother plants, which in turn ensures our ability to produce quality clones for the farmers of North Carolina and beyond.