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Starting With Why

Starting With Why

Poplar Creek Farms exists to improve people’s lives.

When Poplar Creek Farms was founded, one of the very first things that we did was to discuss why we were doing this. What would be our reason to start this venture? Without a “why,” you cannot be a company that inspires people to believe in your vision. We were doing this because we believe in something, and that is exactly the type of understanding we wanted with our customers, suppliers, and affiliates. This needed to be bigger than just a company to make money. After all, each of the partners had very successful careers, and did not need another business. We needed meaning. We needed something to believe in.

Simon Sinek is an inspiring life coach, and best-selling author who discusses leadership. In his books and Ted Talks, Sinek explains that there are three levels of describing the motivations for most any organization.

Why – Why does a company exist?

How – How does the company do what it does?

What – What does the company do?

All companies know what they do. 100% of them know exactly what their business does. “We sell computers.” Some companies know how they do it. “We sell computers by producing solid machines at good prices.” Only a select few know why they do what they do.

Here is the thing. People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. This means that no matter what business you are in, the companies that succeed are those that are able to inspire and create loyalty through meaningful connection. Apple is a good example of this. A marketing message from them might go like this, “Everything we do is in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?” And that’s the difference between them and a company like Dell. We wouldn’t by a TV, or a phone from Dell. They make computers! Yet we buy those things from Apple all the time, because we understand that Apple’s why is bigger than what they sell. They make computers, and iPads, and iPhones, and Apple TVs. All of these things make sense to us, because it isn’t what Apple does that we identify with. We identify with why Apple does what they do.

So, how does this relate to Poplar Creek Farms? In the 2010 timeframe, Poplar Creek Farms Founder Grayson Cash learned about Simon Sinek through some leadership classes. It was during this time that the seed was planted for how to start a business that inspires people, and that has a true reason for being outside of commercial success. Sure, making money is important, because that’s how a company continues to inspire others and to help them, but that’s not why the company exists. By this rationale, the companies that are focused on profits are missing the point. Businesses should be focusing on something else. There must be a higher purpose.

So before the hemp farm was even solidified into a plan, Grayson knew the “why” for this business. Poplar Creek Farms was going to exist to improve lives, and it was going to do that through good agricultural practices, friendly service, and through honest dealings. None of that was reality yet, but through hard work and reaching out to family, Poplar Creek Farms came to be. Our slogan, “Better lives through better agriculture” became the statement that would define how Poplar Creek Farms was built from the ground up.

Our what has evolved over time as well to better reflect this goal. Initially we were planning to only sell clones – baby plants to fellow farmers. Our goal was to produce amazing plants to help farmers grow amazing products. Over time we realized that we were missing dealing with the people who would be using those flowers and oils we were working so hard to get started. And so our focus shifted to producing oil and flowers to be able to sell to consumers directly. To be able to help people directly.

And that is what Poplar Creek is all about. We want to make your life better. We strive to produce and sell the very best products on the market. We are very proud of our plants and flowers. The feedback we have been receiving shows that people are benefitting from using our products and we could not be happier. We want to hear feedback about how you have been affected by trying and using our products. How we are able to do even more to improve your life and your experiences with us.

We are even here to improve the lives of our own family members. This company has brought us all together in a very meaningful, and different way. We were always a close family but now we have had to learn to work together to make something incredible – Poplar Creek Farms. We now meet and talk regularly and connect more often. We have become more tight knit than ever thanks to Poplar Creek Farms. We hope that it brings you, the customer, closer to us as well as part of our extended Poplar Creek Farms Family.


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Poplar Creek Farms

Poplar Creek Farms

Wellbeing the way nature intended.

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