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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to Our New Site!

At long last, we have upgraded our site to a new platform. This new site gives us the ability to have a much more robust online marketplace, and ultimately, better experience for our customers. We can now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment, as well as credit cards. Also, we now have the ability to grow our online offerings, as PayPal had strict restrictions on things such as glass pipes, etc. Be on the lookout for new items, as we are planning to rapidly expand our offerings in response to your requests. If you don’t see something that you’d like to have, reach out and let us know!

As we grow, we want to enable you to share in our success, so we have created an affiliate program. You can now sign up to be a Poplar Creek Farms affiliate, and you’ll get 20% of everything purchased under your name. When you sign up, you get a unique link that is assigned only to you. You can then distribute that code to friends, family, and even advertise if you like. When the customer makes a purchase using your code, it is captured by the sales system, which keeps a running tally of all sales under your code each month. We then add it all up, and pay you each month for your sales the previous month. If you sell $1,000 of products in a week, you’ll get $200 for that week. It can add up quickly!

This is a great way to get started with a CBD business without having to invest the time and energy into growing your own hemp, developing a brand, and worrying about packaging and other overhead. We do 90% of the work for you. All you need to do is get the word out. We are certain that once you get to know our products you will absolutely want to share your experience with others. Why not get a commission if they decide to buy? As we have posted in the past, most people find out about CBD through word of mouth. Friends trust friends. So get to know us, and become part of our story!

For those who are just now hearing about Poplar Creek Farms, we are a family owned and operated business in Polk County, North Carolina. Our values are centered around quality, and knowing your farmer. There are a lot of CBD products out there, and unless you know who you are buying from, it is really difficult to know if you are getting what you paid for. We invite our customers to get to know us, and to even stop and tour our family farm sometime.

It is very important to us that we improve the lives of those we work with. Whether we sell juvenile plants to another hemp farm, or a CBD pre-roll to someone with chronic pain, or salves to someone with eczema, the goal is always the same, to make that customer’s journey through life better than it was the day before we came into it. We do this by ensuring that anything we sell is tested, safe, and exactly what we say it is. You will get full-panel test results with every purchase, so you can know for sure that there are no pesticides, microbes, or heavy metals in your CBD. We provide an analysis of our tinctures proving that the concentrations are accurate. It is through these little steps that we uphold our promise to improve your lives, and to give you the best CBD that we possibly can, at an affordable price.

Finally, we would like to express gratitude to all of those who have helped us to get this far. As a small business, it isn’t always easy to get things going in the right direction. Add to that the Covid-19 crisis, and there were times that things looked pretty daunting. But here we are, formally kicking off our full website and affiliate program. This just proves that a little perseverance is sometimes all it takes to make it through. It has been a rough, stressful year for everyone. Please take care of yourselves, and stay safe.




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Poplar Creek Farms

Poplar Creek Farms

Wellbeing the way nature intended.

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